Sunday, 4 January 2004

Article about early implantation and bilateral CI.

Found an interesting article...


Anonymous said...

Hello I am from England and have a 20 week old deaf daughter. I like to read about Lotte and see how well she is doing it gives me lots of hope as she looks like such a lively happy girl. Deafness is very new to us as a family as we have no history of it on either side of our family, this is a very difficult time for us all and I would like to thank you as since I found Lottes blog I feel some hope.

Cloggy said...

I hope you check the comments and read this reply.
I'm glad you find comfort in Lotte's website. Makes the time invested all worth it.

There are many places where you can get information. I have some links (on the left) to some yahoo groups, and if you want more info go to As you might have noticed, I'm there a lot.

And feel free to drop in here whenever you want, or email:

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