Sunday, 29 May 2005

Beautiful moment

Another beautiful moment is when she hears music and dances. She has a sister as a rolemodel, so copying that goes well.
But now she starts by herself.
Hearing alarms, recognising the telephone and so on.
She tries hard to repeat sounds and manages well at times.

She has a great speech therapists who - I think - has her as sort of a private project.
(First girl in Norway operated on both sides at the same time, plus she will have to learn Norwegian AND dutch AND continue with sign..

She enjoy's the CI. Put's it back when they fall off. At least when she notices. She's not at a stage where she misses sound.
She can go on with both CI's loose.
FYI, instead of a microphones behind the ears in combination with two bodyworn processor, we opted for 2 BTE's that she carries on her shoulders.
It's working really well.
Next mapping she will get the latest BTE's of Cochlear. She's allready got the latest electrode implanted but using the old type BTE.

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(Some) Milestones

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