Friday, 17 June 2005

New map

Experience 2005-06-17

Yesterday we - my wife and me - went to Oslo to get a new mapping for Lotte. The new processors were not yet available so that was postponed.
Too high demand and not enough new processors. So we'll continue with the "old" ones.

I asked then to go up on the power. Actually, Lotte never has felt any discomfort so I told them to feel free to "turn up the volume".
Went quite a bit higher than before and one of the programmes was set for listning to music. That went fine. No discomfort at all. (I decided no to push them to go higher...)
Only when she had both CI's activated simultaniously she reacted strongly. More surprise than discomfort but the technician wanted to go just a little lower.

After the first mapping, which took 1½ hours, we went out and it seemed that she talked more clearly, repeated words more accurately.
Kind of strange after such a short time, so we regarded it as luck. But there were some other words that were more clearly. It's amazing.
On a test they did, copied from German - English tests she allready scored 32 out of 35.
Not sure if it is MAIS or ACS-R or simular. (Does anyone have those tests available so I can try them?)

The second mapping went fine as well. No big changes. The "music" program was set as "loud" as the "speech" program. (It was set a bit lower initially)

She was great to travel with. Quite a change from 3 months ago when she had trouble sitting still.
(Who can blame her, 50 minutes plane, 30 minutes train, 15 minutes taxi, quite a long time for a three-year old.)

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