Saturday, 15 April 2006


This morning, my 2 daughters were playing on the floor above. (1 deaf, 1 hearing). When my wife had finished making the table for breakfast, she told to them "Breakfast is ready!". Then she heared Lotte say to her sister.... "come.. breakfast ready".

Isn't that great, the deaf child passing on the message to the hearing one!


Neecy (AllDeaf) said...

I got SHIVERS when I read that!!!! That is just so amazing! I hope you keep sharing your experiences here. I'm so happy for Lotte! Does she have a favorite type of music or a favorite singer?

Cloggy said...

Only her mother when she goes to bed.
There's about 5 songs she has to go through, and Lotte will sing along. Then, with the last sone she'll take off the CI and give it to my wife /or me), asks for a kiss and turns around to goto sleep.

We haven't experimented with music a lot, but she is listning to it when we sit down with her and play classical music..
My wife is a professional flute-player, so there's plenty of music in the house.

TrippLA said...

Cloggy, Are you force her to wear CI at all time?

Cloggy said...

I don't have to. It's the first things she asks for when she wakes up.
She wakes up early and can play for hours without her CI on. But when she's amongst us and the kids, she wants it on.
Even when she was angry she wants to have it on. I remember that she got angry and started crying on the floor. When the CI fell off, she put it back on.

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