Thursday, 15 June 2006


With the subject of reading being so important brought up, I thought of posting some pictures of Lotte and her big brother. (9 years)

She doesn't even realise how lucky she is with her brother and sister.

Those two are tight. All three of them, but Lotte and her brother have a special bond.
When she's angry, annoyed, upset, or just doesn't want to calm down, he will not be able to watch it and will comfort her...
And it will work. He's got so much patience that he'll be able to get her out of any dip.
Fortunately, it doesn't happen too often....

You should see them kissing each other (the 3 of them) good night. It's part of the ritual for going to bed.
Lotte will give the other two a kiss, then me and then her mother will go in with her and the'll sing a couple of songs.
The same songs that a year ago we would do with sign only!.....
It all goes so fast!!

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