Saturday, 11 November 2006

Helping each other..

On the AllDeaf messageboard there was a great post from Lillys dad...
I'm taking the liberty to put it here......

[...] Being involved in the lives of several small children with CI, and a dad of a CI kid, I have seen that CI parents stick together and help each other out. I have had people where that is the only bond, that I have never met, help me out. This sounds weird, but it does create a very strong bond. All of the worrying, decisions, therapy, hopes, fear and so on, puts you in a pretty small but tightly knit club.

Whether I am talking to or about Cloggy, half way around the world, or Bill or Jeff, who are both CI dads of small children that both live under 2 miles from me. I know exactly what they are going through, we all share a common bond that no one else can truly understand because they have never had to face the same things, or had to make the same tough decisions, or experienced the small miracles that happen on a daily basis. Others can find the joy in the acheivement, but they cannot be so overjoyed that they get teary eyed over the smaller achievements.

True words...


Cara from to Emma (3years old Freedom user) said...

showed Emma pictures of Cloggy's daughter from his blog last night and she squealed..."she has bamp Mom!!!" She calls her CI her bamp.... she was so excited to see another child with one. She's seen two adults but never another child......
Everyday miracles occur here too...little things that I took for granted when my 7 year old was Emma's age. I'll never forget the first time Emma heard an airplane in the sky and was looking all around for it!!!

MomtoToes said...

As a newcomer to the CI Parent world, I have already found this to be so true.

The things I have been learning and sharing with other parents have been invaluable.


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