Sunday, 26 November 2006

Sinterklaas visiting

Last sunday, Sinterklaas arrived in Norway, a week after arriving in Holland.
This is an annual highlight. The children look forward to the party and (of course) the present they will get.

For Lotte this was the second time. Being 4-1/2 and having CI for 2 years now, we feel that this is the first time that she is really involved.

It showed. She went her own way. Stood at the front when the singing was done. The black "pieten" were not too intimidating.
No need for parents... a sister nearby was enough.
I guess she is becoming more and more comfortable with all the sounds around her. And with 50+ children there, singing and screaming, .. there was plenty of sound.
With bi-lateral CI the intensity of sound is much less for her.
We have noticed this before but one tends to forget. It is at these kind of gatherings that it becomes obvious..

I recall calling home - before Lotte had CI, and heared nothing, or almost nothing.
Being on the other end of the line, Lotte's loud sounds sounded even louder to me, getting it through only one ear. The person on the other side, actually in Lotte's noise would have far less problems with it.
It's the same when someone calls from a pub. (S)he might have no problems understanding, four you on the other end it seems as if all sounds are coming through simultanously..


Nicole said...


My name is Nicole, and I am the mother of two young boys living near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My oldest, Noah, is 3.5 years old and is hearing. My youngest, Aiden, is 23 months old and is profoundly deaf in both ears. On November 20th (not even 2 weeks ago!), Aiden has his Cochlear Freedom Implant activated in his right ear. Since activation, he have been very frusterated with keeping the behind the ear microphone on his little ear. Someone sent me a link to your Blog (through Yahoo's cicircle group), and I am so glad that they did! I am very inspired by your story - and your idea to pin Lotte's BTE on her sholder. I am wondering if you think that she is "losing" any sound quality by the microphone not being at ear level? Now, having said that, Aiden's microphone spends a lot of time dangling down at about neck level - so I guess there wouldn't be much difference between that and his sholder!
You had mentioned that Coclear made a case for you to pin on Lotte's sholder. Was I reading that correctly? If so, did they do that just for you, or is that something that is widely available?
Thanks again for your Blog - great job!!!
If you are interested, we have made a Blog about Aiden as well at: Take care - I am looking forward to reading your "Sinterklaas visiting" posting when it's added :>

Cloggy said...

Thanks for your comment..

Regarding your questions:
I don't think she's loosing any sound. She hears allmost everything. But obvious, it's hard to really know.
But it is just in our mind that ears have to be at "ear level". With Lotte, her ears are lower, but wider. This should help with sound location. (wider being better.)

The little bags are provided to us by the company providing cochlear equipment. But I know that it's just here in Norway. But they are easily made. (Have a look at the pictures of them, elsewhere..)

I'll put Aidens blog on the link-list... It's great to connect CI-kids this way.

Nicole said...

Thank you very much for your answers, adding our Blog to your links and putting comments on Aiden's Blog :>
I am constantly amazed at the strong CI community that exists all over the world. We certainly do share a common bond, and I am having a lot of fun "meeting" other parents - if only online.
I talked with our Audiologist today about pinning Aiden's mic, and he is all for it. In fact, because we are only 2 weeks in, he is even going to contact Cochlear and see if we can exchange Aiden's body worn processor for a BTE model - that way we can reduce the amount of "hardware" he is wearing!
Your Blog is really fantastic - we are learing a bit about life in Norway as well as keeping up on Lotte's journey! :>

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