Monday, 4 December 2006


Today, Lotte desparately wanted to go to the kindergarten and eat there.
So, packed the bread, dressed her up and off we went.. or so we thought.

Before leaving the house, Lotte kept asking for something, but we couldn't understand it. She kept repeating the word, but to no avail.
We tried to get past it by saying "yes - tomorrow" but this did not have the effect we anticipated. Finally, unwillingly she accepted and went out.

However, in the garage, I found out what she ment. On a shelf there was a rain-suit.
She told us that she needed to take her "rain-clothing" with her.!!
It's so heartbreaking - and warming at the same time, this little girl thinking about the bad weather outside, and informing us what to take. .... and we did't get it.

Another interesting twist here, is that we know that she knows the sign for "Rain-clothing.." but she either forgot that she could use it or decided not to. Either way, she accepted the fact that we didn't understand.

But these kind of episodes bring along many feelings. Being proud of her to accept that she cannot explain, feeling the frustration of the incapability to understand her, and more..
Sometimes it all works, then suddenly one is stopped in the tracks..

And that's OK.
A reality-check now and then is VERY good...

1 comment:

Mom to Toes said...

This is so touching! And heart breaking at the same time.

Thank you for sharing this story. Us "newbie" parents need to know what is in store.

I love the telephone post! So sweet!


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