Saturday, 6 January 2007


There's a couple of activities that are definite favorites for Lotte.
One of them is "perle" which is creating figures by putting little pins on predesigned forms. Stars, rounds, animals... etc.

Another really favorite is making drawings. Obviously, some problems are connected with this.. For a 4-year old, 1 line can allready make a drawing and a new drawing can be started - on a new piece of paper. A masterpiece is three lines crossing each other everywhere on the paper. Parents seem to disagree.

Fortunately, there is progress and sometimes they come in big steps.

Like yesterday, when Lotte made the drawing below.

It was really good. A face, hair... and the hair coloured in as well.

Lotte's mom would not have believed it had she not been there witnessing the creation of the masterpiece.

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