Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Lotte's Morning Ritual....

The mornings have become a bit better. (Have a look here for the previous experience.)
Lotte is still waking up very early, but has gotten in the rhythm of going to the toilet to pee, then back to her room and starts playing.
During this time she will not be wearing her CI's, and it is therefore amazing that she still talks to herself. In a normal voice, she will babble along while playing.
After some time she will go back to the toilet for the bigger job. This will result in a loud cry "Daddy !! Poep" which is OK since not complying to this "distress signal" might result in additional cleaning.....
After this, she will go back to her room and continue playing. Still without her CI.
In addition, she will put on her clothes....

When we all need to get up, we go to her as well, say good morning... and that is for her the sign to put on the CI.
It's wonderful to watch how she goes straight for the CI's. They are hanging on the medicine cabinet, and she can reach it with the help of a little chair.

But interestingly, she will not take them before it's clear that people are finished sleeping.
We made that very clear, that when everybody is sleeping, she has to be quiet and remain in her room. Not wearing CI's is appearently also part of it.

Today, she started playing outside her room. I went out of bed... she didn't see me (Nor did she hear me) so I turned the light off/on to alert her.
I looked at her, pointed to her room and she said "Sorry Daddy!!" and went to her room.... turned the light on (she had turned it off, showing her intention not to return :-)

Ah... so cute!!!

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