Friday, 26 January 2007


New development in the "going to sleep" routine..
Two issues have now been combined...
1: Lotte's early waking in the morning.... which possibly can be "adjusted" by letting her go to sleep later,
2: Importance of reading...

These two are now combined by letting Lotte read for herself.
A bed-lamp had to be installed for this, and I'm sure that for Lotte this has a certain status.... After all, her brother and sister are also allowed to read for themself before they go to sleep.

So, after reading the usual bedtime stories, and some singing, she turns in the BTE's and almost tells us to get out and close the main light... This so that she can start reading herself, cosy in her bed... by her own little light.

We hoped she would read until 21:00 so that she would wake up later... as in 07.00...
However, even though she really likes reading... she "passes out" in no time. She manages to read for 5 to 10 minutes and then she falls asleep.
Book on her nose, belly.. whatever was the last position, and Lotto KO....

But beautiful to see. The love for books. So important for any child, and even more for these children....

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