Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Falling asleep

A lot has happened lately. As if there's a switch that got turned on.
Sentences that became longer. She's more open to other people. More secure with herself.

Today Lotte, her sister and me went to pick up her brother, who was playing with a friend.
it had been a while since Lotte had been there, and last time they visited us, Lotte played together with that little girl of that family. (Lotte's age.)
We went in, and Lotte followed without hesitation. went up and joined the others in playing. Chatted with the mother, followed her through the house. No problems. Previously, she would have been more withholding...

The great finale was later, when we left. Lotte had already gone out, to the car. Came back and requested a hug from the father and mother.
It's wonderful to see her grow like this.


momtotoes said...

I adore this picture.

Cloggy said...

They are so cute.... sleeping....

I'm sure you can make these kind of pictures too.

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