Saturday, 10 February 2007

Playing - Alone!!

Another milestone.
Until 3 weeks ago, Lotte would not be secure enough to play alone with someone she doesn't know well. For example, babysitters were relatively safe when we had put Lotte to bed. Otherwise, the "going-to-bed" routine could be a disaster.

3 Weeks ago, she joined her sister in playing at a neighbour, 4 houses up the road (not down..) and Lotte had a great time. The children over there are known from the kindergarten, but is was still a first that she was out half a day and enjoyed herself.

Today she went a step further. She loves riding the bike outside. She was OK for her mum to leave her alone outside, and played with the daughter of the neighbour down the road.
After a while, the neighbour called and said that the girl wanted to play inside... if that was OK.
First time that Lotte was secure enough to do this. She can make herself understand, and feels confident enough to handle the situation...

When finished she made it very clear that tomorrow she would play with her little friend again...
(Jeezzz it's not easy not to use names.... )

WOW, our little girl is growing.... and it goes so fast !!

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