Sunday, 15 April 2007

Cards, and the color-balancing game!

Some time ago, we bought a nice game...

Just a wooden structure with a round "table" hanging suspended from the pole...
2 dice with 6 colors, and 6 sets (colors) of 4 pins of different sizes that have to be put on the bord... which is balancing on just the string....

Lotte loves the game... of course... pins crashing to the floor are allways good entertainment, but in addition to the fun, she learns the colors, to wait for her turn, to be careful putting the pins on, and to handle failure... Actuall, the last would have been true had it not been so much fun to let them crash.

In addition, Lotte loves to play "Kwartetten". No idea how to translate that, but it's about making a set of 4 with cards... Getting the combination of the cow-horse-sheep-chicken, or car-boat-airplane-motorbike... etc.

She'll even cheat with that game.... (excellent... within limits of course...)

But again, she's learning to ask, learning words etc.

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