Friday, 29 June 2007


Like any other child, Lotte got her share of an earinfection. A little feever in addition and you have a good mix for parents to start worrying.

Fortunately, we had straight access to the surgeon that operated on her.
He was at a meeting with families with children that have CI (we wanted to attend, but due to circumstances we couldn't) so we called the organisation and had them forward the question.
Advise: just get a peniciline prescription after a specialist has looked at it.

So, Lotte to the GP and he prescribed it for her. With the advise to wait a bit longer before starting with it, as it could go away by itself.
All fine, Lotte answered all the doctor's questions and afterwards she was treated for a roll in the nearby store.

There, she suddenly got the attention from an elderly lady and she informed her:
"I have pain!"
Lady: "Did you fall?"
Lotte: "No, it's on the ear."
Lady: "Ah, yes, I know, that hurts a lot."
Lotte: "Yes!"

A sweet little conversation that she initiated with a complete stranger....

She's doing really well!

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