Tuesday, 9 October 2007

BTE's - behind the ear?

As most readers of Lotte's blog know, Lotte has nothing hanging on the ear.
Her processors - the BTE's, we never used the body-worn) are on her shoulders in two little bags, and they go straight to the coil on the head.

It has never been a problem for Lotte, or us. There's no problems in windy environment. The processor will be below the jacket. Free of wind and rain, and she will still be able to hear us. Probably better then when they would be on the ear.... wind will make a lot of noise.

The only time when she has it behind the ears is just before she goes to bed, or straight from the shower or bathtub, when she's naked.
And she's fine with that. BUT.... not when she is dressed.
She'll happily "allow" the BTE to be hanged on the ear when reading a book in bed (she slept with only her undy during the summer) but if there's any clothing on her, as in T-shirt, PJ's etc, she will refuse.

She's so comfortable with (and used to) the BTE's on the shoulders, that I sometimes wonder when she will want them on the ears.
I guess when she goes to school, becomes more aware of other children... who knows. Perhaps she will continue like this...

For the moment, we just continue with this system. Lotte wants to, and we like it as well.
No CI's falling on the ground. No CI's that need to be dug up from the sand-pit, from a pool, etc.... no processor getting wet, no harness, no lumps on her back,....
It's great!

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Mom to Toes said...

Lotte's experience with using the little bags on the shoulder is what gave us the confidence to do the same with Erin.

We opted to wrap hairbands around the processor and run a pin through... mainly because I was never able to recreate the bags! LOL! But the concept is the same.

Yesterday, we received the Babyworn accessories that Cochlear is now offering children under 5. There is a hard plastic case included that the processor and controller can be insterted into. There is a pin with a safety mechanism attached to pin to the clothing. We LOVE it.

When I first saw pictures of the babyworn accessories, I didn't think the whole unit would fit in the case, but it does.

I think Erin, like Lotte, will be wearing the unit(s) on her shoulders until she is ready to move them to her ears. For us, it is just so much more secure.

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