Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Lotte is getting close to going to school - in august.
One of the things we never considered is FM equipment. Lotte is hearing very well, and we are actually afraid that using the FM equipment would drop her focus..

But, we were invited to try one, and took Lotte with us (duh... obviously the best way to try..). After a brief introduction, the FM was added to the BTE. (See pictures) and I went out of the room to test it.
Lotte loved it.!! No problems with her father being in her head without being seen. (Then again... that happens often as we often call her from other rooms... But then, she can talk back.)
To her it's a great game.

For us, it's mixed. Obviously, it really is working well, and Lotte will benefit from it in some cases. In fact, my wife said that she needed two more... for the other kids..
But, there's something unethical to just get inside someones head un-announced.
Also, we don't want Lotte to change from the rechargeable batteries, to FM and back during the day. (The FM-part is using the cell-batteries..)

So, we know it works, we know Lotte has no problem with using it - on the contrairy - and we just need to find a way to test them out for real...

There was a great opportunity when Lotte was cycling and my wife was following her by foot. She did great. Stopped at intersections, waiting for her mom, could hear her at a good distance etc....
FM would have been ideal to instruct Lotte.
Only problem was - we forgot the FM-equipment..
Maybe next time...

We'll keep you all posted...

ps.. (09-2008)

Lotte showed that even in traffic, she can hear us. It shows she's tuned in on listening to us.
Having FM-equipment would make that unnecessary. She would not have to filter out the traffic-noise in order to hear us, and perhaps lose that ability.
Better to make her use the ears that she has.


Mom to Toes said...

We are getting ready to try our first FM system, and like you, Dad to Toes is a little hesitant. But I am eager to try it!

We love the rechargeables. We recieved two with each CI as part of the package, so we are able to swap them out each night. The set she wore for the day goes in the charger, the set that charged the night before goes back in her processors.

It seems odd that Cochlear offers different packages in different countries.

I love the new picture. Lotte is getting so big!

Abbie said...

FM equipment is really beneficial! I loved it when I was in school. I could hear the teacher perfectly!

Discpad said...

Life is Good with FM!

I'm in the process of writing an article whose title gives it away: FM: The Unfair Classroom Advantage. Although unfinished, I copied & pasted parts of it in several posts on the About.com Deafness/Hard-of-Hearing forum.

Two takeaway points:

1) The balance between FM and microphone audio is very important: Your audiologist should be familiar with Optimizing the Use of FM Systems with Cochlear Implants, which was published in the ASHA journal this past April;

2) The multitransmitter digital Companion Mics system by Etymotic Research are perfect for use at home, where Lotte will have the receiver and three of you will have transmitters. I discuss this in detail here.

Oh, and one other thing: Abbie Cranmer knows when she endorses FM, too: She taught the seminar on it back in June at the HLAA National Convention.

Dan Schwartz
Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

PS: Yes, the story about FM mixing well with beer is true!

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