Friday, 22 August 2008

Lotte's CI-bags - A dissection !

Many people who see the bag Lotte has on her shoulders, and obviously like the idea, ask where to get them.

Well, we used to get them for free from our supplier... that is, until Lotte had been using CI for 3 years. Batteries and the bags were no longer free. So we changed to accu's (and loving it) and made plans to make our own CI-bags, since the asking price from the supplier is ridiculous.

So, I have dissected one of the old bags, and here they are for you all to copy them.

As can been seen, there is one piece of Denim, which folded together makes the bag. Another piece is attached to make the "lid". (Must be a nice way to make this 1 piece instead of two... ) Velcro is on the lid and the bag in order to keep it closed.

We then sew a safety-pin on the top of the bag, and "voila".. no more lost or fallen BTE's..

Have fun...

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