Thursday, 31 July 2008

Vacation Time

... and as we expected Lotte is moving on in the world.
Totally ready to go to the mainstream school. The same school as where her brother and sister are going... nice and safe.
But at the moment, end of July, she's in Holland. Making Dutch friends, speaking dutch 24/7 and growing fast mentally. (Still not eating vegetables and fruit though..)

If it has to do with using 1 language at the moment, or just the relaxation, or a combination of both, we are not sure, but there is improvement.

Spend a week in the UK, Northumberland, and visited the castle where part of Harry Potter was filmed. (The first flying lessons - amongst other things). Not that Lotte has any knowledge of HP, but the other two have. And well, let's face it, running around in medieval clothing is every childes dream....

2 B continued..

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