Monday, 1 September 2008

English lessons!

School started for Lotte with English homework already from the second week.
Kids with cochlear implants tend to have problems with their working memory, due to a lack of language interactions at an early age. That means that new words usually do not linger after hearing it once. It has to be repeated many times. I actually compare it with a computer hard disc that is not yet formatted.

Well, formatting for Lotte has begun. Can't remember how many times we now have counted from 1 to 10 in English, but she thinks it's great fun, she understands what it means (probably because of her own understanding of two languages, that the same thing can have different names). Saying "three" is probably difficult for all children, but the lack of two front teeth really doesn't help! Otherwise she seems to pick it up, and remembers more quickly now (after a week) what the numbers are called.

Until now she thinks it is a great game, so we hope it will continue that way :-)

--- Mous ---

And to all readers out there.... just be patient.... Lotte will one day start writing to you all...
How cool would that be !!
--- Cloggy ---


Mom to Toes said...

Lotte will have three (four, really!) languages! How amazing is that???

Something tells me Toes and Lotte will be great friends. I can't wait to see them email about how dorky their parents are for keeping these blogs. ;)

Cloggy said...

LOL... well, three. She doesn't really remember any sign. Perhap she'll pick it up later again..

But regarding us bloggers... don't sell yourself short. You're doing the "Children with CI"-world a great favor with your blog.
You (like me) will now and then hear how much strength people get from our blogs, and that makes it all worth while...

American Speech Pathologist said...

Oh, don't worry about her struggle to say "three." Hearing children who learn English as their first language often master the "th" sound around age 7-8 years. :D

Cloggy said...

Not worried.. LOL..
She's doing fine.
Thanks for dropping by..

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