Friday, 26 June 2009


.... that has been the thing this week.

School is finished, and the "After-school organisation" (No idea how I had to translate the Norwegianterm "SFO" ) send the children that enlisted to a 2 hour per day swimming course during the week. For free, payed by a fund that wants to make sure more kids know how to swim. A wonderful initiative

Having Lotte in a structured environment in order to teach her to swim has not been succesfull, up to now. (See this post.)
She didn't want to have the CI on. We have used the CI while swimming by putting it in a sealed plastic bag (which worked well..) but Lotte made clear that she did not want it. After some asking she indicated there was too much noise. And I can imagine that in an inside swimming-pool the sound must be horrible. I dislike it with two ears, with 1 ear (we only gave her 1 ear under the swimming cap) it must be awful..
So.. No CI.

After the first day she said something like "It was nice. Not going back..".. And that even with her being proud to be on Norwegian (local) TV in the pool..
But we told her she had to. The following day she was in tears.... but she did go, and it went fine.

The promise of a bikini (A "Hello Kitty" bikini.. ) at the end of the week might have had something to do with it, but even so.... she did go.
And still enjoyed it. Mind you, 2 hours of swimming every day is quite a task for a 7-year old.. (OK.. quarter to 7)

The end result.... She did all 5 days, all 10 hours and got a bikini. (Picture will come later.. sorry)
No big information when her mom asked how it was... Just an OK...
That is, until dinner. The she suddenly stopped eating. Crossed her arms and said "I can swim.! I can swim to the other side without the floaters on my arm.."
Wonderful.... !!!! Now we still have to confirm this.. but knowing Lotte.....

(btw.. It was Lotte's idea to wear the swimming-cap and inflatable tube... we had nothing to do with that. )



It's fine to put his blog on. Okay if I do the same?

Cloggy said...

Definitely. the more the merrier..

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