Saturday, 28 November 2009

OK... it's not English.... .... :-)

.... it's Dutch... but it's not about you understanding what Lotte is saying, it's about Lotte understanding what she's hearing....  And she does....
Click here to watch


Annie said...

The video was private, so I couldn't watch it. But looking at the picture, Lotte seems to be having a great time talk on the phone. :)

Cloggy said...
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Cloggy said...

Oh.. duh..
That's why it worked for me LOL..

Fixing it as I type.. well.... sort off.....

Have a look at this telephone pro... Must be in the female genes.. :-)

Annie said...

I suppose the X chromosome contains the genes for telephone skills. ;)

Of course I did not understand anything she said, but she seemed to be having an exciting conversation. And the quality of her voice is so nice.

What a cutie!

Cloggy said...

No comment... and you have excellent observation skills :-)

Cloggy said...

btw Annie
On your info.. "Also, right now I am along for the ride on my best friend's cochlear implant journey."..

The best present your friends, and their child can get.
Push them to blog their experiences. For us, this blog is such a wonderful tool to look back, and see the changes...


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