Thursday, 21 January 2010

New pouches..!!!

Came home yesterday from a visit to Holland. Party with grandma, with a good friend, visiting good friends, etc.
Great time, especially for the kids, reconnecting with the friends there, and discovering new friends.. and relatives.

when at home Lotte went straight to our downstairs neighbours to say "hi" and got the mail of the last 6 days...
With... a package from Australia..!!

Her pouches had worn out. Had there been a cochlear logo on it, I would be sure it would have been visible through the fabric... at least at the places where is wasn't too dirty..
So, we ordered new ones with Kylie. Lotte got to choose them.. and the "Dora" definitely needed to be there...
In addition we chose two other sets... A yellow one.. (Easted is just around the corner..) and a black one mad of beautiful fabric..

Thanks Kylie for those. Great job making them..
For those readers that also enjoy the pouches on the shoulders (or their kids, or themselves)... order some with Kylie..

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