Thursday, 18 February 2010

F*ck you..???

As some might know we are Dutch, living in Norway, so Lotte speaks Dutch and Norwegian..
At school, second grade (age 7) they get English as well...

So... suddenly we hear Lotte say something like "f*ck you".. in herself, not to anyone...
So, her mom told her not to say that.. to no effect......

Suddenly we realised that she was singing, having difficulty pronouncing the lyrics..... Can you guess...

Queen..."We will, we will,.... rock you..!!"


Laura's medical journey said...

haha that musical had a lot to answer for hehe x

On Facebook people said...

That is hysterical!!! One of my favorite posts ever.

Too funny!!!

You may have to print the lyrics and read them with her! Too funny!


S_au said...

Hi Im a mum to a hearing impaired child...we have a date for a CI.

Just spending another sleepless night searching the net for info on Hloss/CI and came across your blog...

Thank you for your insight and info so far...

And now after this posting...
im going to bed with a

ahh when will me son say "F you..."lol

Cloggy said...

Great to start a blog.
You will notice it's good for the soul.
Write it for yourself. And for your child. And in the second place perhaps for other people.

On Lotte's blog there are lots of links to other blogs and info sites...
Scroll down, on the left, below the Labels, Milestones and Visiters picture, you'll find lots of links.
If you want to get in contact with other mothers (parents) try the yahoo circle.

.. and keep writing..

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