Thursday, 22 April 2010

Failure - and succes

one of the CI's broke down.
Lotte came home and complained about the left CI. It made a "bzzzz" sound, and she was not happy about that.
We checked with the earplugs, and indeed, the CI was not working...
Fortunately... we can call our supplier (Medisan in Oslo) where they have all the stuff they need to send a new one... and the next day it was in the mail. Excellent service...

Lot's of learning come from such an event..
1: Sooo good to still have 1 "ear" left... It has been a couple of years since this happened, but again.. having a second CI to use is just PERFECT..

2: Lotte is at a stage where she will tell us when something is not working. It has happened before that she would not be bothered about a CI not being on... This time, the CI obviously made an awkward sound, so she got annoid.

3: She hears A LOT less with only 1 CI. More "huh"'s more misunderstandings....

4: With 1 CI, going to school, she is tired at the end of the day due to the intensity / concentration she needs in order to understand what's being said.... Another thing that shows how bi-lateral CI is helping Lotte tremendously..

So.. everything back to normal... Lotte was happy to get her new processor, and life is back to normal...

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