Saturday, 19 June 2010

This is the stage we are ... for now...

Been a while... and everything is going smooth... As smooth as one can expect with a lion that wants her own way, and is beginning to get the idea how to get her way..

Lotte is doing well. She loves to go to school, loves to do homework and in fact, loved to do math (addition and substraction) that she went through several extra books. She loves it. Not allowing anyone o help, but accepting when we point out when something is wrong... Wonderful...
We found her at times asleep in her bed with the exercises open..... darn... forgot to take a picture of that..

But... we suddenly realised something.... ...  We are terrible parents.!!!!
Today in the car she started to sing a Norwegian children song, and when she asked us if we could put the CD on, we said "No.!"... well, actually.. we said "no".
Can you imaging that...?? Our deaf child is singing  and we deny her the possibility to listen to it.... (Sure, out of tune and without melody, but that's no excuse to say "no".)
This is terrible... even worse than saying "shut up" to your deaf child that is babbling and babbling....
I hope there's help for us...

1 comment:

Melanie said...

HA! I find myself consciously trying not to tell my little guy to be quiet too because we have worked so hard to get him to talk! :)

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