Friday, 8 October 2010


Yesterday a great moment..
Lotte needed to finish some homework; writing down 30 (Norwegian) words that they have been using the last 3 weeks. We say them out loud, she needs to listen to them, and then write them down.
Lotte's mother is in Holland, visiting grandma...
Just before we started the homework, I thought to let Lotte talk to her mother via Google-Chat-Video....

This means OK image with bad sound from the Acer mini-laptop. (Aspire-One)
But Lotte seemed to have no problems with understanding the other side, and before we knew it, her mother was saying the words, and Lotte wrote them down on the computer in the chat-line......
This was so wonderful.... Some of the words are pretty close - sound-wise - but Lotte understood them well.. in fact.. she made only one mistake....

Imagine.... our deaf daughter here in Norway, listening to her mother who's in Holland saying the words she needs to write down, and then Lotte listning, then writing them on the computer in Norway... being displayed in Holland.
Who could have thought that 10 years ago....
All this technology helping Lotte to make the best of the possibilities life has to offer....


Ragnhild said...

Utrolig. Godt for Oss Andre vi foreldre Aa lese dette

Lindsey Phelan said...

I webcammed with my mom a few days ago for the first time in her life, and she was amazed that me, her deaf daughter, could understand her clearly. (See my fb status). It was quite interesting but for me, it's a no brainer. Glad to see your daughter can still keep in touch with her mom visiting her mother in Holland! :)

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