Sunday, 28 November 2010

Another checkup whooooshed by

Last Tuesday we went to Oslo. On the following day, Wednesday, we had another checkup at the Oslo Medical Centre.. (Refusing to call it a hospital.. that's another wing of the building..)

Plane and Tram to the hotel for a good night rest.

The hotel is next to the hospital, so that's very convenient.

Her teacher was with us. Lotte got 3 new teachers this year, and we found that it's good for them to see the process at least 1 time. It's one way to talk about deafness, about CI, about how much Lotte hears.. it's another thing to be there and see it..
The hospital is huge... and very modern...

The day starts with the technical stuff. The CI processor was checked and adjusted.
Here, program 3 and 4 were removed. That means that when going through the programs, we now go 1-2-1-2-1-2 instead of 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4... In itself a minor thing, since we only use P1 for Lotte. BUT with the "teleslynge" (Hearing Loop) in the classroom and school, we have programmed P2 to be weaker and have the "teleslynge only" on there. P1 will have the "teleslynge" with the microphone activated.
So... to summerise:
P1 = Normal program and Teleslynge with microphone activated (MT).
P2 = Reduced (for loud environments) and Teleslynge without microphone (T).
This was perfectly demonstrated when we tried P2 and the "T"... Lotte didn't hear anything any more.. since there was no teleslynge in that area.. and the microphone was "off".... LOL.. It works..

While all the technical programming was done the audiologist was talking to Lotte about how she was hearing. If everything was OK etc.
It was the first time she was interviewed in this way.. after all.. she's older now.
Still, a lot of questions were difficult for her to answer, and Lotte replied many times "affirmative" to questions she didn't understand... Experienced as she is, the audiologist understands that and will refrase the question, or repeat it...
Still a good conversation...

After that over to the echo-free (anechoic) room.
It's amazing how that room works on a person. The only thing absent in that room is... echo's.. Amazingly.. just walking in that room makes (for me) the hair rise on my skin and gives pressure on my head... All that .. just due to the absence of sound...
Lotte needed to repeat words. First single words which went without problems.
She did 100% until she couldn't understand the word "cat". Tried again... but without luck... Very strange, since there were words that are closer to other words that she understood / repeated without problems. Also .. after the "cat" it was 100% again.... Perhaps she's allergic..

Then, sentences in noise. Previously, it would be words or short sentences, but this time Lotte got "grown-up" sentences at grown-up speed. This because.. well... that's how it is in the real world...
After a slow start she did pretty OK...
One sequence was done with the CI on the shoulders. The following sequence was done with CI on the ears. She did a little better on the last one, indicating that some information might be lost with the CI on the shoulder. Next year, we'll start on the ears, then on the shoulders... if it's still an issue.
All this testing was very good info for Lotte's teacher. Seeing how Lotte struggles with some of the tests gives excellent information to her.

A language comprehension test was done after this. Prepositions etc. Lotte has problems with this.
Information with "not" in there for example. The information in the word "not" is just ignored... resulting in wrong answers.
Also she has problems with distinguishing "on top of" and below... She was very consequent in doing that wrong. Anyway.. lot's of work to to in that area.
Again, for Lotte's teacher, it was very valuable information. Seeing where the problems are will be very beneficial for her when she's teaching Lotte.

This test continued after a lunch break. In the end, Lotte got tired and her answers reflected that. (especially in combination with more difficult questions).

After interpreting the tests we talked about the results.
Lotte is doing very well, and basically the tests show where the attention should be regarding Lotte's development.
Basically... hearing is not a problem. Sure, in noisy environment her ability to hear is reduced.
But, it is much more about catching up the "understanding"-gap left by 2-3 years of deafness... Training the cognitive part of the brain...
Plenty of work to do. For Lotte, for us, the teachers and the rest of the support-group around Lotte..


Leah said...

What a beautiful medical center/hospital! It is always good to get information on how to proceed with therapy- I am sure she will catch up in no time!

Cloggy said...

WOW.. you're quick.. Just finished the second editing.. LOL...

Anonymous said...

Fascinating - but this comment I don't understand "But, it is much more about catching up the "understanding"-gap left by 2-3 years of deafness... Training the cognitive part of the brain..."

If she was born in 2002 then she was about 8 when you posted this so even if she were 3 years behind and had not 'caught up' at all but kept the entire 3 year lag - I have never met any 5 year old who had any problems with 'not' or 'on top/below'? Those seem actually much more basic, like something kids learn when they are 2 or 3.

So it sounds a bit more complicated than 'catching up'?

Also not sure I agree that trouble in noisy environments is not a very big deal -- depends on her classroom but kids spend so much time in noisy environments. I would worry that she'll fall even further behind, not catch up.

I imagine your family and her teachers will find ways of dealing with these problems, though. She sounds optimistic and stubborn (as do her parents), which are often the most important qualities for dealing with any challenges!

I love the idea of bringing her teacher along to the tests - very very useful for her.

Cloggy said...

"So it sounds a bit more complicated than 'catching up'?"
Yes.. it is... but "catching up" covers her progress....
She's in 4th grade, mainstream school and doing well...

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