Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ear-plugs for Lotte

Yep.... the first step toward carrying the BTE's on the ear instead of on the shoulders has been made.... Well, again a first step. The previous "step" ended in a broken BTE....

We planned to get a mold made for the plugs that are going to keep the BTE's in place,.... behind the ear that is...
Lotte's ears are not designed to have a BTE hanging there.... Some people have a little earlobe on the bottom which can be used to clamp on a BTE, but Lotte doesn't have that... The plug will do it for her.

We already prepared Lotte the week before. After that there was no way we were going to forget this appointment. Lotte was counting the days... Guess this is her way of having grip on the whole situation...
We would have done it last time in Oslo, but there was not enough time.. planes to catch ... So, we would do it at home...

Today was the day. I picked Lotte up from school went to the hospital..
After a good ear-cleaning.. (after all... it hasn't been used at all during the last 8 years. Was in pretty clean state.. :-) ) we went to the "making ear-molds" specialist...
Blue paste + White paste + rolling it between the hands, and then.... "injected in the ear followed by a 3 minute wait..... Lotte was fine with it all.... and demanded some pictures..

We'll see how it will go. I have the feeling that the novelty is driving Lotte at the moment. The real test will be her going to school with the BTE's on the ear.

It would be an improvement for her in the sense that she will have more control over the BTE.
At the moment she can remove the BTE from the pouches on the shoulder and change the settings but she can't put it back in the pouch. With the earpiece she will be able to just take it off from the ear and put it back again..

Now, it's waiting for the mail to arrive with the 2 plugs. Then we have to assemble the BTE to the plug, but should not be a problem..
We will keep you informed..
Usefull links: Sports and CI - Earpiece Guide - Molds
(Thanks Dan..)


EmmaVerdona124 said...

good luck with the earmolds!

allie :^) said...

she's so pretty! love that blue! :)

Cloggy said...

LOL... the bue is the mold... The earplug will be transparent (I believe..)
Still waiting for it...

Monica Bocaner said...

We find people, even audiologists, always cut the tube from the mold to the BTE too long. If you have trouble with the BTE flopping off the ear, try shortening the tube, either by cutting it or pushing it up further on the BTE. For gymnastics class or any really active sports, we use wig tape (or doublesided tape) to stick the BTE on her skin. Just be certain all the hair is out of the way first!

Cloggy said...

Thanks... excellent info.
With gym we might just go back to the shoulder but then again... that would mean some adjustments....
We'll see... She'll have to want them on the ear first....

Cloggy said...
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Dan Schwartz said...

Three notes:
1) See Katie-louise's excellent article on playing sports with a CI at;
2) Lotte does not need a full earmold, which is uncomfortable & unsanitary (common audie mistake also made with CROS hearing aid transmitter retainer earmolds): Instead of a #6 shell mold made out of slilcone, a #13 or #15 earmold is recommended for CI retention (and CROS/BiCROS transmitters). I don't know the number system used in EU; but they were standardized back in the 1950's here with the NAEL numbering. In any case, if the audie orders a "NAEL #13 non-occluding" or a "NAEL #15 free field" they will know what to make. To see what they look like:; [Also, you're not supposed to use your hands when mixing additive cure silicone, due to skin oils changing the properties -- You use two spatulas to mix it on a piece of paper or aluminum foil. This differs from the older condensation cure silicone, which used a little squeeze of curing agent from a tube. This is the reason why it's much better to use the Matrix impression gun with the mixing tips:; ]
3) Since Lotte has MedEl OPUS2 processors, she can adjust them with the remote control --Ask your CI center for one, since she's already adjusting them anyway.

Hope this helps~

Cloggy said...

Thanks for the info Dan.
Will chase the links and keep them in mind.
btw.. Lotte has the Cochlear Freedom. The next Cochlear version does have the remote control... perhaps in the future we will have one..


Molly C. Corum / Florida said...

I wore hearing aids for 39 years. Same for earmolds. I am still alive!!!! When I got my 1st cochear implant, was hoping to avoid the earmold. Be a free and new woman. NOPE. My ears are too dainty and small. Did not need the tight and full fitting. Mine are half . Just enough to anchor it in my ear and hold on the the BTE speech processor. Not sure how often they need to be replaced. For sure not every year!!!!! NO WHISTLING EITHER !!!!!!

Cloggy said...

Glad to hear they work for you..
Lotte hated the molds she had with her hearing aids (from age 1 to 2) so I wonder how she's going to like these.... From having nothing in/on her ear to an earmold in / BTE on the ear could be a bit much.. We'll see....

Dy said...

I can't believe she's ready to have them behind her ears already! Wishing her all the best with this new transition.

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