Friday, 29 July 2011

"Music is what feelings sound like."

Lotte scored a T-shirt today..... She picked this one out of the rack... and we couldn't refuse...

We're sure she doesn't understand the significance of the statement on the shirt.. and that's fine... 

But there's a lot in that little sentence.. "Music is what feelings sound like." 
For us, it's straightforward true. We are moved by music. We get happy, we get sad and many "colour" - better said "notes" - in between these two..

And especially in this last week, with the terrible events in Norway this sentence becomes even more true.. There are many songs, poems & lyrics that "speak" the feelings of a whole nation in grief. A whole nation showing their love for each other in this time of sorrow..

Below are some examples of these songs....
I would like to say... "Enjoy", but that would be misplaced...
I will say "Be Amazed"....

The song below was sang in the Oslo Cathedral... A poem by Norwegian poet and writer Nordahl Griegset to music. 
Of course, the song is in Norwegian, but if you're interested read this English information first - there are translations of the lyrics - and then listen to this one from a long time ago... .
... or this one... where a new generation is repeating the words... in a new era...


Mom to Toes said...

Beautiful post! Your family has been in my thoughts this week.


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