Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wake-up call

A few days ago, while sitting at the kitchen table after school, Lotte put up a grave face and began to tell, "Mummy, today at school we learned about [......]". We could'nt understand the last word. Asked her to repeat it. "We learned about [.......] in the park behind our house. You have to stay on the path. If the children do not stay on the path and go walking in the woods, they can get killed".


Bombs. The [...] word was 'bombs'. This is one of those moments where as a parent you have to think FAST. Luckily, having read the newspaper the day before, we remembered suddenly that there was going to be huge campaign in Norway for land mine victims in Cambodia a few days later. We were able to explain to Lotte that this was in a different country, that there was no need for her to be afraid. At first she didn't believe us, because this was told at school! The ultimate truth...... But after a bit of persuasiveness it seemed like the best option to believe us. We also took contact with the teacher and explained what had happened.

This is a perpect example of how Lotte gives meaning to the parts and pieces of spoken language which she is able to pick up. It is like this giant puzzle with holes in it, where she needs to fill in the gaps in order for her to give meaning to the story. Needless to say, this is not always on par with reality. Even though we know this, we let ourselves get fooled again and again, because Lotte is excellent at hiding that she has not understood. No matter how well Lotte is doing, stories like these are essential to make us understand that we have to stay aware of this, and pay attention.

Imagine what this idea about bombs in our neighborhood could have meant for Lotte, if it had been allowed to develop in her head over time. Ever so glad she is the gabby, talkative type and wears her heart on her sleeve!!

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Mike said...

It can be a common thing even among young hearing children to learn ominous new things thinking such dangers apply to them. It's a process on the attempt to sort out facts from fiction and whether they apply to them or not. Although still sad to see how some people will try twist what you say instead of asking for further clarifications.

BTW, how is her piano playing so far? *waves*

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