Monday, 19 December 2011

Where to start..

Lotte has made a jump again... indicated by erratic behaviour, being tired like other times she grew mentally again.
Suddenly she is taking more control of her life. It's wonderful to see.
Her vocabulary is still improving. It's noticeable that with her growing mental capacities she get's jokes quicker. She is anticipating in the conversation.. making small, to the point remarks and replying in ways that were not there 3 months ago..Smart comebacks etc... Wonderful..

Socially she's busy with friends that she invites and/or visits. With any other child that would like to go to a friend and asks to call her friend, we would reply that she can just go there...
With Lotte we are happy for her to use the phone. She loves to use it, and has no problems with it.
Appointments are made to meet at different places, invitations are sent, and when she's out, she has her mobile phone with her to call us to ask when she needs to be home... She uses it well..

At school she is keeping up, despite the time she spends playing outside. It's a small dilemma... Homework or social activities... The social part often wins...
But she likes to do homework... probably because of the respect she has for the teacher... The teachers will is law..!.
She seems to have the brain for languages. Like her mother...
A week ago we had a long conversation in English. She now has enough vocabulary to make short sentences and loves to show her capabilities.
Math is a little problematic.. The tables 1-10 go in slowly, and probably by photographic memory.. But she's not the only one in her class... There are many other children that have the same problem... Guess she doesn't have the brain for math... yet... It will come...(Update here..)

Otherwise.. Lotte uses different languages for different activities as we discovered lately..
A good example is when she comes from school. When asked about her day (in Dutch) she will be brief. To the point. When our (Norwegian) neighbour asks, she starts chatting away and keeps on talking... Many stories..Obviously, school experiences need to be discussed in Norwegian...
Stories about the vacation in Holland will be in Dutch... Exciting to watch these kind of developments...

Time for X-mas with her grandmother from Holland staying with us.
Seeing her chat away with her is looking at the everyday wonder that CI provides.. Magic.


big island helicopter tours said...

Such a good start. Keep being positive.

Chanakya said...'s really nice to read mos tof the blog you wrote about the progress of your baby!

Even my daughter is hearing imparied from both ears and we are getting bilateral CI in Oslo on 6th Feb 2012. Our Daughter was born on 22 Dec 2009 and will get her implants at the age of 26 months, i think same as your daughter.

Your blogs will really help us pass this phase of our lives.

Thanks for great stuff keep blogging.

My emial ID is and Anjali's(my wife) ID is It will be nice to get more tips from you in taking care pre and post operation.

Chanakya and Anjali

Cloggy said...

Thanks for the post. Alway a good feeling when the blog is helping people.
Operation in Oslo. You will be in good hands...
Are you living in Norway?

David said...

Hello, sorry to be posting late!

Math is another language. It might help to think of learning math as learning yet another language. The math language describes different concepts - some will already be familiar and some will be new, but learning how to talk about them in a new way helps with understanding.


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