Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sing along

We've had this book/CD for a while now, and lately Lotte enjoys listening to the little songs, and more importantly sing along.
So, on trips with the car, and Lotte present as well, this CD with animal sounds and a song about the animal is played..
Today we noticed that she managed to sing along quite well, in good rhythm and even quite good intonation.
The practice in the last weeks payed off. 
As with many thing, we never pushed it. We allowed for Lotte to get interested herself. We never felt that pushing her to sing along with the right words, rhythm and pitch would not have been helpful. It will come naturally... 
She loves listening to music and videos on YouTube on the iPad. I'm sure exposure to all this music has helped her to make sense out of all the sounds. 

Needles to say, our car will be filled with donkeys, chickens, cows, horses and other farm animals for the next few weeks.. 
Recording is on its way..  



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