Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Writing.. by Lotte

It doesn't feel such a long time ago that we had to explain Lotte about writing full sentences, let alone full stories. It was hard work to have her to correct her homework in order to write down real answers instead of just repeating random words that were in the question..
(Actually, come to think of it, I recently taught her that she has to answer using the words in the question before she starts looking for the answer.... OK.. this is could become a problem..)

Anyway... Here's a story she had to write for her Norwegian homework.
OK.. it's in Norwegian, so most of you won't be able to read it.. except the names of Justin Beber and Selena Gomes.. but that doesn't matter.
She was with two other friends at home doing their math and Norwegian homework, and had great fun. Each of them wrote their "essay" and when everyone was finished they all had turns reading it before the others; taking great pride in the work they created.

The story that Lotte wrote is just one of those milestones, or wake-up calls, for us to see how well Lotte is doing in school and socially. Catching up unnoticeable as the days tick by.
A wakeup call because in a way.. "life goes on".. and looking out for new developments and milestones is not a daily activity for us. We sometimes need to be stopped in our daily tracks in order to see what has happened.

This blog is another way to reflect upon where Lotte is coming from. It is a way not to focus on what Lotte cannot do (which isn't much) but to see where she is coming from, how all the work that has been put into her, by us, by her, by the school has paid off..

Lotte has been going back and forth this weekend to a friend rehearsing for a play that they have put together..
Can't wait to see it...

(Some) Milestones

  • 2013-08: Grade 6
  • 2012-08: Grade 5
  • 2011-08: Grade 4
  • 2011-03: BTE's on the ear
  • 2010-08: Grade 3
  • 2009-08: Grade 2
  • 2008-08: Mainstream School (6y. old)
  • 2006-10: All-hearing Kindergarten (4y. old)
  • 2004-11-22: CI activated (27 m. old)
  • 2004-10-04: Bi-lateral CI (26 m. old)
  • 2003-08: Deaf/HOH/CI Pre-school/"DEAF" Kindergarten (12m. old)
  • 2003-07: HA's fitted (11 m. old)
  • 2003-06: Diagnosed deaf. Start sign-language (10m. old)
  • 2002-11: Suspicion loss of hearing (4 m. old)
  • 2002-08: Born - A fierce LION
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