Monday, 29 July 2013

Empty head

Beautiful incident yesterday between Lotte and her mother.
As Lotte gets older, understanding more and more, and thinking more and more, the questions come up as well.
Yesterday was a highlight..

A lot goes lost in translation, and this post might be edited a couple of times before we have the final version..
But that's how it goes when the writer is 1000's of kilometers away from the source..

Lotte asked her mother "How did you feel when you found out I couldn't hear?"
"I was sad." Was my wife's answer. 
Lotte was surprised.. "Why?" Was the obvious question.
An explanation was given followed by the return question.. 
"How do you feel about not being able to hear without CI? How do you feel when your CI is off?"

"No. I'm not sad. When the CI is off my head is empty."

Looking forward to more of these conversations... 

So... This is what makes her head full... All in one hand

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