Friday, 6 December 2013

More and better swimming

It's been a couple of months now since Lotte started to swim.
And she told us that it is much nicer than handball as "with handball I don't know where to throw the ball."...
A team sport is of course much more difficult compared to a sport where you listen and then perform. Especially when you don't get all the information due to having CI..
The trainers are great. After we explained them that not all information is understood straight away, that they have to make sure Lotte understands, they have used that information well. I was really pleased when I noticed a trainer actually managing to get the volume of all the kids down, so that even she could speak with a normal voice... Not an easy thing to do in a swimming pool with 10 kids in a group.. (And more groups in the next lane..)
So, she thrives. Loves to go. Is exhausted after her hour training. Two times a week...
And, great progress..
I hadn't been with her for a while (she wants to go alone... It's her way of owning this activity..) I was surprised to see how much progress she had made in the last month..
Here a video of Lotte after 1 hour of training.... Even though she was exhausted, she still wanted to show her swimming with this video..

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