Saturday, 9 October 2004

Emailed information

For those who we forgot to inform, two weeks ago we got the message that Lotte was going to be operated on monday 4th october.
We had to go to Oslo on friday in order to have her checked before the operation and there they informed us that they were offering to implant two cochlear implants instead of the usual one implant. So she will be able to hear with both ears!!!! She'll be able to hear where sound comesfrom, hear better in noisy environment and learning to speak might be easier as well. This was incredible. We thought about arranging for a second implant ourselves and then this offer comes along...

Operation on monday went extremely well. at 11:45 they were finished (started at 09:00) and shewoke up around 12:30. 15 minutes later she was doing puzzles. The artificial morfine they gave her meant nothing to her. She just kept on playing... and trying to remove the irritating line from her foot.
So back to the ward where she continued playing until she felt sick, threw up and started eating straight after it.
A paracetamol at 15:30 and after that it was just like normal. (This was the last painkiller she had.)
Except, she looks like Dopey - the dwarf from Snowwhite - with the ears standing out like they do. (The swelling is causing that, not the implants.)

So, we were running after Lotte monday-afternoon, tuesday the whole day and on wednesday we were allowed to travel back home.

The external fitting of the equipment, and with that the first time she will perceive sound, will be done in November (22nd-25th) after the wound has healed and the implant has settled in the tissue behind her ear.The type of implant she got is the newest and finest of Cochlear, called Nucleus 4. (Correction - Renamed "Freedom") Even thought here is no information about this on the website of Cochlear ( it looks almost the same as the Nucleus 3.

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