Thursday, 28 October 2004

Operation - a short summary

My daughter was operated on both sides in 1 operation.

She woke up after 4 hours and was annoyed by the drip (IV) going in her foot (for fluids). She started making puzzles and looking at images. Was too happy to be on the recovery ward so they put her in her own room.
She felt a bit sick, threw up, got 1 aspirin and started eating. This all in the first 3 hours.

Then they removed the drip from her foot and from that point on we couldn’t hold her any more. She looked for toys and found a tricycle to go about in the hospital.

The thing is, it was a huge surgery 10 years ago, 5 years ago. Now it’s microsurgery. Her scar is 7cm long (2½ inches). She wore plasters, no bandage.
I expected a big scar with lots of bandages to and was prepared for that.

It just shows that 2-year information is already too old.


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(Some) Milestones

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  • 2011-08: Grade 4
  • 2011-03: BTE's on the ear
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  • 2009-08: Grade 2
  • 2008-08: Mainstream School (6y. old)
  • 2006-10: All-hearing Kindergarten (4y. old)
  • 2004-11-22: CI activated (27 m. old)
  • 2004-10-04: Bi-lateral CI (26 m. old)
  • 2003-08: Deaf/HOH/CI Pre-school/"DEAF" Kindergarten (12m. old)
  • 2003-07: HA's fitted (11 m. old)
  • 2003-06: Diagnosed deaf. Start sign-language (10m. old)
  • 2002-11: Suspicion loss of hearing (4 m. old)
  • 2002-08: Born - A fierce LION
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