Monday, 15 May 2006


Funny thing happened yesterday

Lotte is using less sign as her vocabulary grows. Same with us. We speak to her but we'll sign when she doesn't understand and if she understands the sign, we'll say the word/sentence again.

But Lotte is doing the same!
My wife didn't understand what she was saying and this time it was Lotte who used sign to explain what she meant.

It's great to be able to use sign. We feel that it helped her stay secure with communication while learning to hear, to listen and speak.
Obviously we have no referance if her progress would be faster when we would not have used sign, but that doesn't matter. We know we did the right thing.

We actually realised today that Lotte has still been deaf longer then hearing. She got CI when she was 2¼ years old. She has only had CI for 1¾ years....

(From AllDeaf messageboard.)

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