Monday, 15 May 2006


Just sharing another experience:

Lotte has an infection on her toe (bit her nail a bit too much and/or tore the nail into the flesh) and is administered penniciline.
This she needs 3 times a day, which while in childcare is difficult.
So we give her in the morning, the afternoon and at midnight. First the medicine, then a glass of juice that she really likes. She's fine with it even though the tast is horrible.

Midnight is the difficult one because she is fast asleep. Trying to wake her up is difficult because she turns away from the light, and clings on to me.
Signing is therefore not possibble.
So we use the CI. We put it on while she's still asleep and tell her that she needs to get her medicine. And this helps. She realises what's going to happen and is cooperating.
(From AllDeaf messageboard.)

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