Tuesday, 15 August 2006

New kindergarten / Preschool

As mentionned before, Lotte "grew" a lot during the holidays. A lot can be contributed to being in an all-dutch environment with little to no signs.

2 Weeks ago she went to an all-hearing kindergarten for 3 days in the week. This went very well. No problems adjusting. She's enjoying it tremendously.

It was funny that on the second day, one of the teachers said that Lotte used sign which - off course - they don't understand. There was no frustration from Lottes side that se was not understood.
I asked them what she signed, and it was "home". Then I turned to Lotte, and asked her... what is "this" - making the sign for home, and she immediately replied - for the teacher to hear - "home"... This showed that she was just tired and didn't want to speak. And it showed in a nutshell that she's at the right place. In the other kindergarten people would have understood her. Here, Lotte will have to speak in order to be understood.

In two weeks we can see the improvement in her speech. It's difficult to determine if it's due to more hearing-environment, but the progress is there.

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