Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Playing the flute

Yesterday, her sister, Sanne came home with a recorder and enjoyed playing on it. That was enough motivation for Lotte to find one herself and blow on it as well. In no time the house was filled with random notes... most of them false.
My wife helped Sanne to play a tune. She closed the holes, while Sanne blew. This went fine, and of course, Lotte also wanted to do this. And this went GREAT!! She blew at the correct intervals, excellent timing. She picked it up from her sister and repeated it without problems.

Couldn't resist putting this picture here. She collapsed the day before, being dead-tired and dirty as a pig... This was the result when she came down the next morning....

Good Morning !!!


1 comment:

IsaacsMom said...

That is so awesome that Lotte can enjoy music. I play clarinet and guitar and have hopes that Isaac will enjoy music as well after his implant.

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