Sunday, 15 October 2006

How to judge improvement...

We ourselves don't realise the improvements we (or in our case - our daughter) makes. We sometimes notice on the spot that her pronounciation is correct after repeating words, but sometimes we have to stop and realise that the word she just said is correct... where a week ago she would not be able to pronounce it....

A couple of days ago, I put on a tape of Lotte from 1½ year ago and my wife and me could not believe the difference.!!!
At that time she had the CI for 7 months and she was doing well, but compared to now... it's just amazing. There she would make sounds. Lots of them, but often not recognisable. Now, she is great at repeating words...

It's good to have your own tests.. Like we have her sing a little song now and then, and catch it on videotape, and compare it with the last time we did it.... and the first time.
This gives a good idea of the progres, and the progres is really there.... it's just difficult to capture it.. Video is GREAT!!

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Lillys Dad (AllDeaf) said...

Cloggy, That is so true. Its just like anything else in a childs development. You cannot see it from day to day. But when you sit and think, comparing then and now, the progress is amazing. Kind of like watching your newborn develop into a toddler. One day you look at them and try to figure out when they became a little person with all of that personality. It si a slow but very gratifying process.
By the way, I love the saying"like an old soul" that is a great way of describing it.

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