Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Mapping - 2-year evaluation

Her 2-year evaluation was this month.

This is done in Oslo (all the mapping, as well as the operation) and took just 1 day.
One of the teachers of the kindergarten joined us, since it's good for them as well to see what it means to have CI.

Two sessions were scheduled. The first one is primairaly checking the equipment, and then some hearing tests. To see where the limits are. Limits regarding frequency but also regarding amplitude... She was great and surprised the technician with some of the sounds she could hear.

The second session is normally a short session. Testing the understanding of speech.
Sometime this can be tricky, since this is all done in Norwegian whereas she hears Dutch at home and Norwegian in the kindergarten.

This time it took more time. Partly because it is a 2-year check, but also because Lotte was responding so well that the audiologist wanted to do some extra tests. (Doing well as in being patient and not getting bored, tired etc.... Guess the loves the attention - being a Leo)
So instead of the anticipated 30-45 minutes, it took a whopping 3 hours.
In between we stopped in order to get Lotte an icecream.
However, she noticed the pineapple on the paper wrap and decided there and then that she would not like it.... (Anything green, looking like fruit or vegetable she will refuse.) So, it ended up with NO icecream.

But our little girl is doing great. In the kindergarten the speech therapist did a test with her to find out what "speech"-age she is, and came up with 2½. That's great for a child that heared for the first time less than 2 years ago!!
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