Monday, 23 October 2006

Bags for the BTE

How to practically carry the BTE or bodyworn processor and coil ??

Our experience with the HA's was not good. She accepted having them behind the ear in the deaf pre-school, but as soon as she was leaving there, the HA's would come off. Which is no fun, driving the car, having your 2-year-old pulling the HA off, whistling everywhere, and the HA's in several pieces.......

So, with the CI, we decided to find another solution...
The BTE's of Cochlear are a bit thick. They fall off easily and we didn't like attatching it with wires around the ear, plugs in the ear, double-sided tape, etc. Especially when there are two that can fall off.

We very quickly chose to put them on her shoulders. At first I cut of fingers of a glove and attatched them with a safetypin. The providers of the Cochlear system - Medisan - quickly made sturdy bags, with a little flap that closed with velcro.

Another advantage of having the BTE's on the shoulder is that the BTE's don't show with the hair done up as shown here.... (Often we put the coil under the hair to make it harder to fall off.)

A couple of months ago, I sewed the safetypin on the bag. On the picture the flap of the bag goes through it. (Flap secures with velcro.) The microphone is sticking out.
As can be seen below, there is quite some wear on the bags, but for something used every day, 10-14 hours a day, they last quite long.

Some detail pictures of "our" system.... (Like with all pictures, just click to enlarge.)

(Here's some more info and comments in the blog regarding the BTE-bags.)

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Landry said... these wonderful posts answered my question about how you placed the BTEs *not* BTE :) But where did you come by such a long coil?

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