Sunday, 22 October 2006

"The ear isn't working"

Today one of those huge moments.
In the beginning of Lotte's CI journey, Lotte never noticed that the CI was not working or if the coil had dropped off. She probably just went on with what she was doing, not being bothered by the lack of sound.
About 1 to 2 months ago, she started indicating that her CI was off. That is, she would come to us when she couldn't put it on herself.

Today however was the first time that the told us that the CI didn't work.
Lotte said to her mom "The ear doesn't work"
whereupon my wife said: "Can you go upstairs and get new batteries?"
Lotte answers "OK" and got the batteries..

WOW, it is so thrilling to see these kind of "breakthroughs...." !!


Lillys dad (AllDeaf) said...

COOL!!! I bet you were all choked up werent ya!

We had a cool little thing happen today also. While coming back from the mall (replacing Lillys favorite stuffed animal. It got lost last week when we met up with greema and fragmenter. We were driveing home, I was listening to Lilly talking/singing in the back seat when I started understanding what she was saying. I told her to use a big voice so I could inderstand her. She was saying over and over again "I love Mommy, I love daddy"!!!!

Cloggy said...

WOW, wonderful.... You managed to stay focused on the road...

Lotte can hear clearly as well in the car. Once, driving, talking to my wife, she was quietly looking out of the window.
Until suddenly she repeated a part of the sentence...

It's amazing what those little ones can hear...

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