Thursday, 19 October 2006

Reacties & Feedback

Velen hebben nu een link naar deze Blog gekregen..... dus ik dacht dat het passend zou zij om hier ook een reactie te geven.

Gewoon op ".. comments" klikken, en vertel maar wat je er van vind.
Persoonlijke ervaringen wat betreft Lotte zou ook gaaf zijn!


Many people have been given a link to this Blog.... so I thought that this post might be appropriate to give comment on it here.
Just click in the ".. comments" area below and give me some feedback.
Personal anecdotes regarding Lotte would be great as well!!!



Mom to Toes said...

I love your blog.

You put it all together so quickly!

Thank you for the comments on my blog this morning. We have the tripod all set and the camera charing. :)

Jason said...

Hi Cloggy

I made my way to your blog via Erin Toes'. You have a beautiful daughter and are telling her story so well.

My son Tom had his second implant turned on a week ago following a first implant in June this year. I've been blogging too -

I look forward to following your progress

Jason, Nicky & Tom

Cloggy said...

Jason, nice to meet you.
Will put your webside in the links, so I can find it quickly.
Thanks for your comment

jedi.dude said...

i remember the first time lotte communicated to ME....we have two budgerigars, and one day when i came into lotte's house she saw me and instantly made the sign for bird....really a touching moment as she was communicating to me and recognizing me.....

and then maybe a year later a similar situation when i came in and she saw me and actually said my name.....awesome!

her progress is tremendous and she is a WONDERFUL little girl

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