Monday, 9 October 2006

Little update..

Yesterday we were at a museum with an excellent playground.
Lotte wanted to go straight in, so that was fine. She quickly picked up a little friend who she guided through the maze. They had great fun. It was one of the first times we would see her spontanious interact with children that do not use sign. Being in the hearing pre-school/kindergarten, she is more used to making contact with these kids. It's great to see.

When the girl had to leave, Lotte even had a conversation with the mother of the child. It was great to see the selfconfidence of Lotte.
The exposure to hearing-only environment is showing now.
Decisions we make regarding her upbringing are allways made with the correct "gut"-feeling but even so it's allways good to see the effects.
It's sometimes difficult because like with all major changes in children, it gets a bit worse before it turns around and almost explodes into good..

Yes !!!!!
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