Sunday, 12 November 2006

Dinner with friends

Eating just a little bit of sheapards pie, followed by a massive amount of ice-cream!!!

It's so great to see her interact with our friends. Even though they (our friends) went to sign-courses, they would most likely never have had the skills to communicate fluently with her in sign. Children learn so quick and are immersed in it almost their whole waking time. We, as parents, would have been able to keep up, but for friends and relatives, catching up is very hard.
With Lotte's CI, communication is no problem....

You just have to love technology!!
Just a comment:
We have not yet used any additional systems for Lotte to listen to music or TV. We have the wires to plug straight into the BTE, but we have chosen not to use them. She understands fine without them. Help might make her lazy.
We did try to connect a MP3 player with songs and stories that she likes, but there was little reaction...
Will have to try another time..

1 comment:

momtotoes said...

I love Lotte's screen!

I was 9 years old the first time I saw that......

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