Sunday, 12 November 2006

Those little words that make up our language!!

Recently we really focused on saying for example "the tree" instead of just "tree". These little words have a lot of meaning in our language.
But recently we discovered that another word has entered her vocabulary... The word "and".

Previously she would refer to e.g. "him, her", but now she say's "him and her". We hadn't really focused on that, in fact, I never practices it with her, like we did with "the house", "the dog". She probably figured it out by herself.

Otherwise, she has problems with the "L" and pronounces it as an "N". The "R" is difficult, and obviously the Dutch "G" which appearently hurts the throat of non-dutch and non-arabics. Some other letters are difficult, like the "V" and "W" and "F".

n.b. In Norwegian, the "V" is pronounced as our Dutch "W". The "W" is not used in Norwegian. It confuses our other two children still....

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